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Do they all have Japanese or English names?

I know some of the people have names in English and Japanese... it sounds kind of weird when it is in Chinese (a little bit). 
Does Jo have an English name? Dian? Mei? Colin - well that's an exception. Akota (and that's Japanese, even though that is not really a name)...
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Has Jo ever gotten a failure?

Examples such as or like did anyone help her do her role. Has she ever gotten hurt on a fight or what? Did she ever get kicked off somewhere and someone saves her?
I hope you are also wondering if she ever loses! That's what I want to know, I don't think when there was a time that she could lose.. I know it's kind of weird for her kind of personality...
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What episode or chapter does Akota come out?

What episode or chapter does Akota come out? I know that she sent Xuang Wen Jo animation cards on how she's doing, I forgot what though.
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Introduction to New Forums

Welcome, members! Ask anything you want to know, that is the purpose of this forum board! This is the ultimate forums for answers about Strategy Gun: Power Police Wiki!
It is like a file which stores all answers, so please type a question that is not previously answered. You can reply to their thread if you know the answer. Don't waste your time looking for what question you are trying to ask. 
Ask anything now!
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