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• 12/24/2012

Has Jo ever gotten a failure?

Examples such as or like did anyone help her do her role. Has she ever gotten hurt on a fight or what? Did she ever get kicked off somewhere and someone saves her?

I hope you are also wondering if she ever loses! That's what I want to know, I don't think when there was a time that she could lose.. I know it's kind of weird for her kind of personality...

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• 12/24/2012

Now that I think of it, I am sure she has. But not like saving or something. Maybe she has gotten hurt by recovering fastand or by teleporting away or just using her own powers to finish it off. I think she let Jessica do her role from the band concert, oh anyways that wasn't a fight, she just let Jessica do her role of the song while she heads out to find the criminal.

Maybe some other people know the answer to this question, so I might not be the best yet to reply to your question.

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