This is the page for all FEMALE Characters that have very little detailed about. We don't want to create a ton of pages for characters that have no answer or information about them.


Hong Mi - (红米) A main friend or supporting character of Xuang Wen Jo as from the childhood. Hong Mi's brother is Hong Qian. Her favorite weapon is a Fan. She is the first F girl.

Zi Shuan - (紫璇) (Shuan originally pronounced as Xuan) A friend of Hong Mi, and has the same as Hong Mi's childhood. Her boyfriend is Xian Xiang. Her favorite weapon is the Flute. She is the second F girl.

Zhong Yan - (棕燕) (Pronounced as Zong) A friend of both Hong Mi and Zi Shuan. They all had the same childhood together. Her boyfriend is Zhun Kan. Her favorite weapon is a flag and also presumably a flashlight. She is the last F girl.

May Juneasutk - She was a Hong Kong McDonald's Servant.

Wendy - Wendy was Xuang Wen Jo's kindergarten through first grade best friend.

Kan Sam - (刊萨) Sam is a scientist and a good flute player. She was in the episode concert band for a while. She is one of Jo's classmates from their middle school years.

Noel - supporting character for episode twelve who is a serious fighter on stage

Lin Lost - Lost is one of the members of the PTGS Group . Lost is her nickname and nobody knows her real name except her surname. She has a high-ranked manner of the clues. She also later became Lone's girlfriend.

Pd - Pd is a teleporter, just like Fort and Port.

Kris - (克斯汀) Kris later became the girlfriend of Len Trik, who is Trish's brother, after one year of joining the group with members of herself, Trik, and Cheng Code.

Feng - (凤) Feng is a rich and wealthy girl who is best known as a "dependect".

Smile Lee/Lawrence - (李微笑/劳伦斯) Smile Lee and her partner, Lawrence, appeared in the episode of Aboard Background.

En Rasune/Guang Lei - (恩苏娜/广雷) Rasune is one of the members of the PTGS group and Lei can be the best guard of the PTGS group.

Yan Ning - (言宁) (Ning is lat name) One of the members of the PTGS group, she is a shooting tracker with a special weapon called Arrow Pointer XVG45.

Yu Jia/Sha Ming - (羽嘉/沙明) Yu Jia (Jia is actually last name, but is preferred to state Yu Jia) is one of the month teleporters, who also follow Fort for assistance. Ming is partnered up with Yu Jia. They both are members of the PTGS group. Ming says "Solve it with us!" after Yu starts "Got a problem?" around the district for help.

San Jenny - (伞珍妮) Jenny is a girl that is completely out of the whole PTGS group who has nothing to deal with cases. She lacks guru skills and is always staring out to space, not even much paying attention. Members always sigh at her. When Forte was selected to be her teleporter partner, she "aaghed..." for being stuck with a useless girl. When people starts getting their attention down on Jenny, Forte starts to discuss this feeling that started years ago and Jenny finally realize all the happenings until then. One week later after the conversation, she quitted the job for being recognized as "I don't belong to this job and I feel like no one needs me anymore...".

Skytel/Nayuan - Skytel is a friend of Nayuan. They were both fighters during some episodes. Her boyfriend is Jan. Nayuan is the friend of Skytel. She taught her how to use magical powers and joined together. But one day, Skytel beated her talents. Nayuan no longer talked to her. Her maybe called boyfriend is Pro (aka Protype).

Alence - Alence is a mysterious girl. She can be seen anywhere and then disappear like a ghost. She is a friend of Blazer and only Blazer can understand the appearance of her. If Alence goes somewhere, Blazer is the only one to find!


Topica Subatsumi - (スバスミトピ日) She was the girl that Sodai Shinji had feelings for. She was a second conflict between the episode.

Naku Taiyo (Taiyou) - (太陽泣く) She was the best friend of Topica Subatsumi, who had a crush on Sodai Shinji, who likes her best friend.

Dayne - (戴恩, デイン) Dayne was a girl that fought for the bad guys who was a very good fighter but was very horrifying with one hit. Then she later turned herself into a very emotionless person by all the things she had done to stop bad guys.

Haipota Hetana - (はてな) She was a supporting character with Keana Kitea, Beth, May, and others.

Jiana and Jiani - (ガーナー and ガーする) The twins who were Lic Wodena's apprentices.

Keana Kitea (Kadoruin) - Keana was also a supporting character that is good friends with Sodai Shinji, a sport player. Little is known about Patina.

Kimya Keenan - (奇楠金) Kimya was a smart girl who only focuses on her books. Anyone who sits next to her at lunch will always get her lunchbox and she just continues reading her book. After lunch is done, she would put away the empty lunchbox as if nothing had happened. She was also seen in the third year of high school where she was one of the 20 students that got the highest 100 percent scores.

Korumna Yushiike - AKA Kryten, she was one girl who always had questions and makes the answers up following the same path of the question. She can turn weird by screaming and or saying "stupid questions" or "I need answers". She was first appeared from the episode of "Jump from a Building".

Beth Jona - (贝丝, ベス) She was a good friend of May, Haipota, Miki, and Dayne. She is a good talker with nice manners in a way that people understands. She is also a good sword fighter.

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