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This episode/chapter's plot is from the previous episode when Xuang Wen Jo and a few people from her group go travel to Beijing. Jo was unexpectedly ran into a few good kung fu fighters and got into a battle.

This battle not only lasted for a day, it got many people tiring to solve this situation. Until the fourth day, Jo and Ruka were separated together. They rested in the forests and waited till the fighters come their way. However, the fighters didn't seem to show up. So Jo and Ruka got into a conversation about how good Ruka was to help Jo. Jo brought up a quote "You know how I love to talk to a person like you?" that made Ruka got quite curious. Jo explained to him that he was funny like a kid, and he was a human robot that understands how everyone feels. More to that, she explains the situation all to him.

When their conversation was finished, some fighters came out right in time. Ruka and Jo both ran after them. The fighters soon surrounded them in a big circle. Jo let Ruka watch the fighters while she turn the ground up. Jo immediately energized the ground and began to let the ground crack into the standing area of the fighters at the same circle. More fighters came and recovered. Jo turned the route to a forest road. She fought all of them, until a girl, one who is also part of Jo's master apprentices, who was helping them told her that something has happened to Jo's master. Jo rushed to find her master then.

That day, Jo realized that her master has been killed. All of the people who are the apprentices were all depressed and kept silent. Jo stood in the big room where it held her master's photo and everything. An hour later, Jo sat next to a shadowy area and began to think of her past memories when she was 5 and under. Her big master was dead and now her last master got to this step. At 4 o'clock a.m., Jo went inside her master's room to get her sword to remember and to keep it safe. Her master's sword was black and white. Jo placed it on her back carried along with her own sword. Then she went inside the swords room and took a rookie sword for Ruka.

Jo told her master's apprentices, who were Jo's brothers and sisters that were taught by her masters, to elect a master. They chose Jo but she rejected, she clarified that she won't be able to come back for a long time. So Jo selected a girl that was also as great as Jo. Jo told them that when she comes back, they may call her master if they want to.

Jo left the place and found her group. She handed Ruka a sword privately when she lead him to a talk. Xuang Wen Jo elected him as her own apprentice and Ruka accepted her terms.

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