Episode 30: You Got Graduation 
You Got Graduation
Episode Thirty
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This episode is the last episode of the whole series. It shows little flashbacks on the previous episode (Episode 29).

The first flashback of the episode was Rachlen, locked up in a prison cell, eating a pill. She was staring off into the night by the bright light of the moon after taking the pill out of her pockets. Soon after she ate it, she collapsed and that was the end of Rachlen's appearances. The pill brought her life to an end istead of telling her best guyfriend, Jheng, to kill her from the last episode.

Later it was shown in the police department. Everyone was there in the PTGS group classroom. They were having a meeting and soon it was over, Xuang Wen Jo went to visit the cemetery to look for her master and also went by Topica's.

Soon after that, Jo talked to her friends the time before the next day. Morning came (it was like dawn at that moment before the sun really rise) and everyone in the PTGS group held a meeting in a big location set off the stage. Jo was rewarded with her graduate as a sergeant, which was her wish from the start.

She did her last appearance right after saying something and acting a very strange before her last appearance faded away.

Over the next few years (or months, not exact timing), Lai Li Dian was doing his own by solving other cases. He also went to visit Jo's name mark carved into a tree next to the entrance of the cemetery. Mei was shown still with Dong.

Ruka was shown riding a bike back to Guang Dong from going back to Beijing to visit his creator Coda, though it did not show her appearance he held up a piece of paper signed by Coda.

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