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Cheng Jing Hao
Pinyin Chéng Jìng Hào
Character 程静号
Codename Code
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate -- --, 1980
Age 30
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brownish black
ID Number 32953
Weapon Gun, Fists, Coding System
Occupation Police Corporal, Coder
Organization A-9 In-Private Training PTGS Group
Affiliation GZ System Defense Police Department Force
Anime Debut N/A
Other NA
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Cheng Jing Hao (程静号), famously known as Code, used to be a former guru officer (A-9 Corporal) of the PTGS Group.

Physical AppearanceEdit



When he was a middle school student, he accidentally hacked into his own computer and find it really illegal and interesting to learn a cool skill. After that, he became more of a "coder" and got his nickname. He can guess any password codes and break into systems without even hacking or finding the code.

He used to attend DO as an experienced police student after graduating with a professional's bachelor on his 5 years in police college. When he attended DO, he skipped right to an A-9 Corporal. He quit being a guru officer to establish a new found group that had nothing to do with police of three people: Ke Si Ting, Leng Qi Ke (Trish's brother), and himself.



Sir Jayostako-Mato (Teacher)

Main article: Takayama Akihiro
Akihiro wasn't lucky at first to not notice a person like Code. In his training, he received high level certificates and passed to A-8 immediately; he had skipped F, D, C, and B. After that, the police chief placed him to be the first member of the developing private group A-9. Akihiro didn't understand his problem and didn't trust the police chief that he already made a decision of moving a supervisor to A-9. But, Code proved his abilities to his commander and got the title of the first leader in PTGS. It is shown that Akihiro now accepts more of him and even says that Code is his first best student.

Len Trish (Girlfriend)

Main article: Leng Qi Suan
It's a long story between the two; they met when they were in high school. They were only strangers at first and they slowly make their way of being in a relationship. They don't act like normal couples, instead they only play sports as a date.

Ke Kris

Main article: Ke Si Ting
When Code resigned his position from the A-9 PTGS Group, he met with Kris. He thought that she would be a great friend and they soon established a new found group of three, along with Trik. Now that they are a group, they do almost anything on the streets, helping people and colliding with the police back again.

Len Trik

Main article: Leng Qi Ke
Code knew Trik when he first met Trish. Since he and Trish started to have a relationship, Trik became a brother to him. Trik also joined the group of 3 and is an honored member.


Gun - same to every police officer or corporal, they will need to bring their gun at all times. Even though a gun may seem like it's weak for one bullet to go off, he aims right to the area he wanted it to collapse in.

Fists - Code is rarely seen for fighting, but like every guru officer, he will need his fists to do the damage.

Coding System - he doesn't need a device or a normal system to do the work. His body is like a coding system that cracks any electronic whenever he needs it to.


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