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If I didn't get paired with this person, then I would have won easily. I had a plan, but it was all ruined by my partner. That's why I love to be the landlord.

–Spinian, to Rata.

Chu Shuang Jun
Pinyin Chǔ Lì Jūn
Character 楚丽君
Epithet The Target Ruler
Codename Spinian
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Hair Color Blackish brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Weapon Cards and mahjong tiles
Occupation High School student, Card and Mahjong ace
Organization Red Spade Card/Mahjong Group
Affiliation Red Spade members
Anime Debut Episode 25 Part 2
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Chu Li Jun (楚丽君), Spinian is known for being a card and a mahjong ace. Her debut appearance was in Episode 25 Part 2 - The Ruling of the Target.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Spinian often wears their Red Spade uniform based on card style. Their uniform is white and red; for a female uniform, the top is likely a blouse and a name tag and symbol attached to their uniform's chest; while for a male uniform, their top is like a school uniform, with their name tags and symbol attached to their uniform's chest as well. The female upper pants are somewhat similar to Arabian style, but has striped lines that flow. The bottom pant is actually really a sock or a legging, with maroonish stripes mixed with white stripes that go to their shoes. Their shoes have a red spade printed in the front. In Spinian's battle with Rata, she wore a white and red and black outfit filled with ace cards. She usually ties her hair up.


Spinian used to be a girl who has no affection to cards and mahjong. Upon seeing them, she started playing more and more years later. She kept a journal of some of her matches with players from day 1 to however she stops. She used to be a sore loser but now she has gained confidence and began to practice more and more. As years passed, she became a person who is unbeatable, but sometimes on online card games, she can be losing for being partnered up with a person who doesn't know how to play. In the particular game, that is Beat the Landlord or in Chinese Dou Di Zhu.

When it comes to her for a match, she gets all excited with courage. She promises to her group that she will win. Soon after, some people were afraid of her and how she acts toward the others.


As stated from her team members, Spinian chose to rename herself and keep her real name a private identity. She chose the name Spinian because she loved seeing how the cards spin and the dice rolling on the mahjong table. Also, it was stated that she changed her name several times and finally stopped to come with the result of Spinian.

Li Jun used to be a loner for competing with other players, now she is a captain of the group Red Spade and she follows the leader for various card and mahjong matches.



Cards - it is her main weapon to fight a player. She doesn't fight in real fights, but battles using her cards. She's also a good Kung fu player who now uses cards for power.

Mahjong Tile - it is her second main weapon to fight another player for a game like mahjong.