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I run because it's my world. I practice my clarinet because it's my freedom. And I PLAY because I'm bored and I need to be active.

–Cong Jiu Bu, to her teammates.

Cong Jiu Bi
Pinyin Cóng Jiù Bǐ
Character 琮旧比
Epithet The Clarinet Runner
Codename Jessica
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthdate June 9th, 1981
Age 29 years
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Brownish Red
Weapon Clarinet
Occupation Musician
Anime Debut N/A
Other NA
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Cong Jiu Bu (琮旧比; original name Bi), also known as Jessica in English, is an athlete who competed in the Triathlon from the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. One thing everyone knows about her is that she is very fast at running.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jessica is portrayed with dirty blonde hair that ends with red curls on the bottom. She sometimes wear glasses over her brownish red eyes.


Most people say that she usually speak with one or two words, meaning that she could be ignorant or silent.

Background HistoryEdit

Jessica is a nice girl who goes to play in a band in the schools. Ever since she attended Middle School, her goal is to complete the championship for running the marathon and completing in the real Olympics. If she passed that job, she will become a musician playing a clarinet.



Leng Trish

Main article: Leng Qi Suan
Because they met during the following year of Jessica's try out for basketball, Trish and Jessica become automatic runner friends. Even though Trish rarely sees Jessica now because she is going to another course job, they still are friendly to each other and even stops by to greet.

Shuang Wen Zu

Main article: Shuang Wen Zu
Jessica wasn't aware of Jo at all; she thought that she was only a normal girl like other sport players that had to attend Physical Education. While she saw her participate in the Mile Fame, the title she gave Jo erased from her mind and she started accepting her more like a runner friend as well. Jo may be slower than Jessica, but the basketball skills that she was told by Trish made her decide that she wasn't weak.


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