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I wear autumn colored clothing because I think I blend in. It makes me lonely.

–Amber, to her classmates.

Den Li Ben
Pinyin Dèn Lì Bèn
Character 扽立坋
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangzhou, China
Birthdate January 3rd, 1983
Age 28
Hair Color Reddish-brown
Eye Color Brown
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Den Li Ben (扽立坋), who used to be Xi Li Ben, is a character who only made one debut in the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. Her English name is Amber.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She leaves her reddish brown hair down and wears glasses that covers her brown eyes. She is always shown wearing autumn-season-like clothes and colors. Nobody ever sees her wearing a skirt, but she looked like a regular girl who can wear skirts anytime. It's a weird thing. She wears a total black skinny jean with converse shoes and sometimes very low-lengthen boots.



Amber's real name was Xi Amber with the surname of her dad's. When her dad passed away, she followed her mother, who didn't want her to have the last name anymore because it will remind her the past. Her mother renamed Amber with her last name Den and released her middle name out that had been private all these years.



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