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I guess I will just stay by your side.

–Port, smiling at Forte.

Deng Pei Hong
Pinyin Dàn Pò Tí
Character 但破题
Codename Port
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate March 16th, 1986
Age 25
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Gun, Reporting Device, Talking Pad, Tracking Device
Occupation A-9 Corporal, Teleporter
Anime Debut Episode 1
Other NA
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Dan Po Ti (但破题), better known as Port, is one of the supporting characters of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. He is another teleporter of the PTGS Group besides Yin Fan Teng.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Port may be recognized as a very kindhearted person, as he always follows others' orders and staying by Forte's side.


Like many other PTGS members, he had changed his name due to being partners with Yin Fan Teng. They both knew each other before they attended DO. Being a teleporter, he changed his name to something similar and since Yin Fan Teng wanted to share alike that idea, she added an e to Fort.




Gun - being a police officer, he would need to hold one even if he is not one that needs to fight.

Reporting Device - only teleporters get to use this device. They first use the "Tracking Device" to track the location and then transfer the information to the Reporting Device to the systems.

Tracking Device - this device tracks down a certain location in a situation.

Shoulder Talking Pad - most officers need them, especially Police Supervisors. Port and the other teleporters, instead of reporting to the systems, can also spread the information to their own assigned group or only the commander.