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Detective D-5
Pinyin Zhēntàn D-5
Character 侦探D-5
General Information
Type of System Group
Status Active
Leader Huang Zhi Xian (Line Sir)
Members Wu Yi Shao
Su Zhi Pei
Yuan Xin Yi
Lin Xing Xin
Affiliation GZ System Defense Police Force
Detective Department
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Detective D-5 (侦探D-5 Zhēntàn D-5) is a detective group that belongs to GZ System Defense Police Force's Detective Department with Huang Zhi Xian "Line Sir" as its leader. This group ranks fourth in the Detective Department.



Interior DesignEdit



Name Codename Rank Status
Huang Zhi Xian Line Sir Commander Active
Wu Yi Shao None Detective Active
Su Zhi Pei None Detective Active
Yuan Xin Yi None Detective Active
Lin Xing Xin None Detective Active




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