The Green Pearl Prediction is a scroll from the trainings of Lic Wodena and her mastering groups. Each mastering groups selected their own tribe to get apprentices for training. They lived in the very happy land somewhere of Japan.

Green Pearl Prediction
Vital statistics
Type Pearl and Scroll
Effects Can makes any person remain for 6 days
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Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

While Lic Wodena and the other masters were experimenting on creating a scroll that can practice teaching more abilities to fight, the scroll had turn into a different kind of conclusion. Lic Wodena's power almost gave all to the scroll and so did the other masters. The color of the scroll was green instead of white. It went on to becoming a disaster. Instead of a full scroll, Lic and the others were warned to study more about the scroll they failed to make.

When Lic examined the scroll on a random day, the scroll appeared a pearl placed on top of it. Lic experimented a lot about it and finally found the answer: when somebody, not from the tribe, looks at it, they will have a remain of 6 days to live. Lic had been shocked to know the answer. She quickly warned everyone in her tribe and the mastering groups of what she found out.

Everyone was scared too. They didn't want to let the green scroll to get away from their land someday. But the worst came, of course. It did got away. A dark magician had figured out the power of the scroll and then sneakly stole it to sprout to the outside world of this land Japan has. When Lic noticed that it was gone, troubles shared on all faces.

On an election day, the chief of all the tribes and mastering groups had sent Lic Wodena to get the scroll back. The chief named the scroll the "Green Pearl Prediction". Lic was on a mission. Before she went to search the scroll, the chief had said to her, "Your name will be renamed as the "White Girl". You can not spread your name out unless someone that you think you could trust also trusts you." Lic had accepted this mission.

Lic's goal was to find the scroll before anyone else looks into it out of Japan. But she did really failed her goal. It was only 7 days later when she reached Hong Kong.

A student at a high school named Topica Subatsumi had looked through it already. There, Lic met a male student, that also go to the same high school, named Sodai Shinji, who would soon follow the trainings of Lic.

When the day Topica went away, that was when Lic could have had a chance to cure her. Yet, she arrived the next day. Lic knew the sense of the person who looked through the scroll... and who was very close to her. She found Sodai, being the one close to Topica, explaining all the things that happened.

When Lic was sent for the mission, the tribes and the mastering groups with the chief all made a new scroll called the "Blue Lightning Scroll". This scroll had two parts though: practicing more abilities to fight and to absorb all the Green Pearl Prediction's power.

When Lic found the scroll, it did not effect on Sodai. She thought that he was somethign special and has something that didn't work on all parts of the scroll. Soon Lic found out how great Sodai was and told him to go to her home she made in Hong Kong. She introduced Jiana and Jiani to him and he, as well, had become her apprentice.

At last, Lic brought the scroll back. She also brought Sodai to Japan since he wanted to join the tribes and learn more with his new feelings on Lic.

But there was another conflict that nobody thought would ever happen. They all used the new scroll, and it only shocked down lightning to the scroll with dangerous and poison powers. Only Lic and the Chief could defend these powers.

However, Lic didn't want the chief to defend it. She didn't want the chief to use all her powers yet because of this poison. Lic wanted to protect the chief so she used it for herself. But they thought Lic was going to get weaker. Lic only told them to backup. When she felt that her defense power was going down, she accidentally used the absorbing power which she absorbed all the dangerous and poison powers. She had saved her whole family that she only had 6 days to live. She had changed it the way around, only effecting her.


Can make a person remain for 6 days only if the character lives in Kyoto and or Tokyo, Japan. This scroll doesn't effect on everybody, but sometimes just randoms. This effect can also be released by the mastering tribes who accidentally made the scroll.