Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, is the main setting of all the chapters and episodes of the story. This is the biggest setting while the smallest setting is where the problem takes place.

Guangzhou, Guangdong
General Information
Country 中华人民共和国;China
Map of Place
Map of Guangdong

Guangdong is where most of the characters live in. Usually a lot of cases go on Hong Kong, but right at these cases, it has a special version.


This province belongs to China and mainly speaks all Catonese. On another province which was brought back in 1997 Hong Kong is the closest to this province so they make up Catonpop and Mandopop.

The world of Guangdong is a big place: it consists of so many counties or even smaller provinces inside. Guangzhou is one famous city or county inside Guangdong. Although Guangzhou's place is most likely to be uncrowded and nice, they still have many special openings. One of the many districts that the characters live in are HuaShan District, XinHua District, Da Ling District, and many other districts in Guangzhou.

Usually it isn't crowded at all in those districts, the places are jus beautiful to see. It recieves a lot of ran each year and day. Some children receve a lot red dots and bites. So to keep this away, wear longer pants for the bottoms.

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