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Inserting materials and creating out of it like an input and output device for the hope of to build up some figure I want is my specialty.

–Coda, to the group traveling in Beijing.

Hase Coda
Kanji 長谷 コーダ
Rōmaji Hase Kōda
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Beijing, China
Birthdate December 15th, 1986
Age 24 years
Hair Color Dark brown
Weapon Gadgets, inventions, tools
Occupation Young Inventor
Anime Debut Episode 16
Other NA
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Hase Coda (長谷 コーダ) is a young inventor who is the creator of Shaikostan Ruka. She is a 24 year old female adult.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Even though she already graduated from high school, she still wears her high school uniform that is green and white. She has medium-lengthen hair and sometimes wears glasses.


Coda was born on Beijing, China, but her nationality is Japanese in which she was inherited from her family. For instance, somehow her name is in relation to Japan; it is stated that her father used to be Japanese and he married to her Chinese mother. How she got her name Coda is unknown, but she seems to just be a person that can control well humans or other living things. She once owned a horse for competitions and she taught it well. But sometimes she loses control of it and releases it to the wild.


Episode 16Edit

Coda appeared on the episode where Shuang Wen Zu and her groupmates visit Beijing. She was fighting along with her robot, Ruka, for a quest from her master. On the way there, she met Jo and became friends. When they were joining a group, Jo had ordered everything for Coda to have a full control of Ruka which came clear. Later it is seen that Ruka follows Jo very often to learn more about the human world. Ruka's actions led him to realize that he never met such a person that is different than Coda from his region, so Coda happily lends Ruka to be Jo's apprentice.


Shaikostan Ruka

Main article: Ruka (Robot)
This was her best creation she ever created, as claimed by her. Coda usually teaches and tend animals, but she decided to make something out of scratch; and the result was a robot. She inserted many tools and codes inside to make the robot alive and she designed his human form. Afraid that he would just speak monotonously, she inserted a voice machine and controlled him to be like a human. When he was able to communicate, they hung out with each other until the day she lends Ruka away to Jo.


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