Don's try to mess with me.

–Ace Gene, to Celine.

Hu Zheng
Pinyin Hú Zhèng
Character 胡正
Codename Ace Gene
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangdong, China
Birthdate July 30th, 1982
Age 29
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Mathematician and Chemist
Anime Debut Episode 20 Part 2
Other  ??
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Hu Zheng (胡正), also famously known as Ace Gene, is a supporting character of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. He was once also a very good solver.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Most people sometimes mistaken Ace Gene as a punk, because he can be dressed like a really innocent style guy. Whenever mistaken as a punk, it is usually a thinking of immature. He's completely the opposite.


Ace Gene is a nice and helpful person. He is always keeping his cool and kind smile on his face whenever someone needs advice.


When Ace Gene entered High School, he never knew that there was such a person with the nickname "Genius". He teased her at first, stating there's no way somebody can be called that way. Celine became annoyed and they both started acting antagonistic toward each other.

Ace Gene is always seen competing with Celine, she also was his rival for a long time. However, they had conflicts with each other since they passed to the top 10, and they still continue to rise up.



  • He is known to have a 100% "automatic mature figure" and "corrected psychopath" with a very high IQ score like some others.
  • Shuang Wen Zu, Jiang Yi Fei, Song Wen Qu, and Nai Xi Lin were once the top female students of their school while Ace Gene, Gai Jheng, and Lai Li Dian were the top male students. Not in order though.
  • He usually wears different styled clothing


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