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Something that we all can't really stand is just the emotional and typical feelings... It's not a big part of my life... all people really wanted was just to use their best to take this path their way into the future. I guess this is what this patient had wanted too.

–Jiang Chen Dong, to Tu Qi Mei.

Jiang Chen Dong
Pinyin Jiǎng Chén Dōng
Character 蒋陈东
Epithet The Surgeon
Codename Dong
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangdong, China
Birthdate July 19th, 1982
Age 29
Height 179 cm (5‘9“)
Weight 44 kg (97 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon N/A
Occupation Supporting Doctor aka Surgeon
Organization N/A
Affiliation N/A
Anime Debut Episode One
Other N/A
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Jiang Chen Dong (蒋陈东), also known as Dong, is one of the secondary characters of the story. He is a Supporting Doctor and a Surgeon and can take himself as a supporter in the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. He is also Lai Shu Gao's best friend.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dong is portrayed to possess brown eyes and usual black hair. All day he might wear his doctor coat with him, tagged with 4 and half of a 5-star level as a nickname award. His nickname tag is made from a golden structure.


Unlike his best friend Lai Shu Gao, he could be a little stubborn but still have a strength to complete things as well; more of being a minute he will be on his way. He understands Shu Gao to some extent and approves of every decision he finalized with. However, Dong could be thoughtless at times. When he was asked, by his girlfriend Tu Qi Mei, to describe his best friend, he said it in a bad and cruel way from a horrible fight. That time, Mei spit what he said out to Shuang Wen Zu, which caused her to smile. She liked the fact that someone on his side can do that to her side.

Dong was constantly supporting Lai Shu Gao for his detective work because he was a useful surgeon. He could also be a supporter for Jo, not just for his best friend. Since Lai Shu Gao had to work and spread clues out to his detective groupmates, Dong has a free time to work with Jo for other clues. But sometimes he will go stick with Mei more than the others. He may seem like a flirt to many people, but he is really considerate.


Dong works for clues from the suspects or uses forensics to test the people who had been killed during a case, but of course, his job not always tie with detective cases. In addition, he works in the same hospital as Mei, and they usually flirt around and talk about anything important to each other. When the times of them together have been really serious, usually saying more important things, nobody notices.



Apen (Girlfriend)

Main article: Tu Qi Mei
Not much is known about their relationship in the past. However, he is only known to have met her during middle school, meeting up with Lai Shu Gao and the others. At that time, he seems to have shown an interest to Mei and kept hanging out with her.
Their relationship went further after their middle school years. Because she also works in the same hospital, it was so much easier for them to run into each other. Although they have never done anything intimate, they both agreed to be couples.

Li Dian (Best Friend)

Main article: Lai Shu Gao
It is rarely known for Lai Shu Gao's past with friends, but it would only be Dong. Since many characters have a history with their friends, Dong would be one to fit into Dian's history. It has been stated that they first met in middle school with all the others. Dong is considered as a helpful friend to Dian.
During high school, after hearing the sudden change in Dian's attitude and actions (who switched to being a loner and more emo-like), he started to figure out what to do. Because without their usual friendship, Dong would feel like he lost one important person in his life. As a friend, he managed to make amends to the whole process and knows how to fix the situation if Dian was to become like that ever again.


Main article: Shuang Wen Zu
Knowing that his best friend had a bad childhood because of this one girl, he holds a grudge against her. However, seeing that he was actually a considerate person, he never really done any harm for he always tags with Mei, which she is also Jo's friend, in any occasion. Dong could be really nice to Shuang Wen Zu as well.






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