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If there's something wrong, we need to know. Boss isn't going to be proud of you guys if you keep everything shut. But I liked how the way other people revolve on their own, so we should start over a new way...

–Pro Fei, to her group.

Jiang Yi Fei
Pinyin Jiāng Yì Fēi
Character 江亿飞
Codename Pro Fei
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate November 25th, 1981
Age 29 years
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brownish Black
Weapon N/A
Occupation Former Detective, Military and Criminal Force Sergeant
Organization Criminal and Military Force
Affiliation Criminal and Military Force members and Association
Anime Debut Episode 8 (cameo)
Episode 15 Part 2
Other NA
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Jiang Yi Fei (江亿飞), or best known as "Pro Fei", is a supporting character of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. She is currently the sergeant and the only female officer of the Criminal and Military Force.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Pro Fei has black hair that ties into a bun sometimes and or tying the bun from the bottom of her hair. Pro Fei wears a complete black uniform from the organization she resides in, Criminal and Military Force.

In addition, she is also known to have thin body like Shuang Wen Zu.


Pro Fei is well-behaved, nice, and smart. She is like the look-out and the planner of her force company. Her skills are strong and is usually the person who takes care of the boss, which is why she looks out after her groupmates.


Pro Fei's real name is Jiang Yi Fei; her name got changed and or nicknamed ever since she entered college. She was an all-time number one student of several school and made it to the TOP 5 list for the whole entire district of Guangzhou. She met Jo since they started the same job together but Fei had a different department, being a high detective. Then she quit her job to work with the company boss for the criminal and military forces; the Department of Leadership.


Episode 8Edit

Fei made a cameo at this episode; she appeared while Jo was on the band performance and watched her on top of the stage. Fei's actions were like Forte, following her case after she switched with Jessica for the position.

Episode 14: Part 2Edit

Pro Fei showed up for the first time while she worked with the people of a criminal and military force. Jo had a case that was set on a mountain of old villages, and being the person that she was, she went to the fourth house since that was the number on the case card. She figured out that the door was locked into an incorrect place, the paper folded with different codes, and the back walls that were shut down from being seen in just a minute with her strategic plans.

The Force were outside of there somehow and Jo finished solving the case just in time to tell her groupmates that was a Small Case. But then another case was being spotted in those mountains again and now the Force were up to that, but when they failed to catch the criminal, Jo helps out. After several attempts, they were all helping each other out. At the end of the episode, when Jo was talking to her groupmates and sirs, Fei and her force said goodbye to the other team like they just celebrated Chinese New Year.

Episode 15: Part 1Edit

Pro Fei and her force showed up again. Jo started off the episodes being a lazy person, not a police officer for the day. But then when Jo heard about a CASE again, she jumps out and finds the problem out of town. She goes through the plain elevator like the one in Sea World that goes up and then down. But it's side-scroll instead of up and down. Inside, Pro Fei and her force were supposed to hold onto the rings to get to the other side. Fei helped her boss go zoom to the destination, holding onto him so he wouldn't fall. Then she was the last one to get there and she zoomed in there to finish their work.

Episode 20: Part 2Edit

While Jo was chasing the guy who was stealing all the toys, Forte, on the other side was on the airport who was checking if there is any problems in the airport for the day. But when she was going by, she saw Fei walked past by with her suitcase. Port now knows that Fei is back because Fei had been going back to her work for months because of a dangerous situation that Forte remembered from the flashback on TV.

Episode 22: Part 2Edit

Pro Fei and Jo in the episode somehow knuckled each other as they were long time friends. Then Fei had disappeared out of the episode until...

Episode 28Edit

She and her force appeared for just a one time in the episode. They were agreeing on to fight the other military mission group in different orders.

Episode 29Edit

Fei and her group appeared for the last time when they finished the group with the enemies they had been assigned to defeat. Jo's actions appear to be read like she had tried to say "What am I waiting for?", staring out to space as the list kept on repeating "finished" and or "corrupted". Jo didn't have any time left and realized that many groups, such as the Department of Leadership, being that they were the criminal and military force, were already done.



  • She is a character that appeared in 7 seven episodes of the entire series.
  • Pro Fei is tagged as the opposite of Jo in their weaknesses and strengths in a way.