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One thing I should tell you; don't take over Code's place.

–Alpha, to Shuang Wen Zu.

Kang Shu Fen
Pinyin Kuáng Shù Fēn
Character 狂数分
Codename Alpha
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate -- --, 1984
Age 27
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Purple, Grayish Black
Occupation A-9 Corporal, Solver
Anime Debut Episode 1
Other NA
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Kuang Shu Fen (狂数分) is one of the supporting characters of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. She used to be the 3rd leader of the PTGS Group before Shuang Wen Zu took second, placing third on Mang Qi Su, still including first from the former Cheng Jing Hao.

Physical AppearanceEdit






Gun - being a police officer, she would need this at all times. After seeing how Quick could shoot, she started to develop better skills on shooting as well.

Her brain - she is also known as being a strategist. Even though the gun may only be her fighting weapon, she is also quite good at martial arts due to her years of training as a Police Trainee.