Anyone with a fear of fighting has to go down to quit fighting. Especially...the time when someone has a bad temper. Anyone who couldn't go for my skills, you're outta here.

–Kwong Colin,

Kuang Ke Lin
Pinyin Kuàng Kē Lín
Character 邝科林
Codename Colin
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Beijing, China
Birthdate March 13th, 1983
Age 28
Height 160 cm (5‘2“)
Weight 42 kg (92.5 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Reddish brown
Weapon Fists, Sword, Gun, Knives, Needle Pointers
Occupation Fighter
Organization N/A
Affiliation N/A
Anime Debut Episode One
Other NA
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Kuang Ke Lin (邝科林), English name as Colin, was a supporting character in Strategy Gun: Power Police. She is one of Shuang Wen Zu's best friends.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Colin wears a red upper-top clothing under a black and brown shirt under the cloth-jacket. She has a red and black short pants and checkered shoes, sometimes wearing black boots. Her hair is tied up to one ponytail which lengths to approximately 2 inches down from her shoulders. 


Her temper can be like Jo's, but she used to take care of business. After being friends with Jo, she encounters the emotion of loneliness and making jokes for her friends to get angered. After she broke the friendship with Jo, her whole life changed to a duel girl who takes up challenges and saying the people who she fought weak.


Colin is a girl, and though her name doens't affect and change her personality and life. She is a fighter who works on martial arts just like Jo and takes full classes. She also helps Jo work on cases and fight for people if there aren't enough people. Not only was she the protector of the group, Jo was one of them too herself. Mei only protects people like a jury or someone who is probably an eyewitness of the case.

Colin is a long time ago friend of Jo, she once played a prank on her that she would become friends with Lai Li Dian and make amends, one of the famous detectives of Jo's police department place. Colin is some times a lot like her friend Jo, but other times she is pranky and nice like Mei.

Colin's position is as a fighter. Being a fighter isn't even hard for her. Sometimes Jo can take her easily down or just lose for the match. Colin helps other teammates from the PTGS Group in separate order. Being the protector, she is just like a guard. However, she is not part of the PTGS Group.




Fighting Weapons - sometimes she is thought as a good archer. She uses fighting weapons like a shield and most of the time fighting uses.

Fists - her fists make the best of it and her kung fu in martial arts status, they punch as hard she she put so much into it.

Powers - her power status drops down and she switches to different positions and gears. She pushes this ability away from most of her time furing fights. When she is really hit hard, she just blasts out the power that is easy to explode.

Kung Fu - instead of using her cool powers, she kicks it away and use this ability to attack and fight. This is her most used ability during fights and she has the good sense of fighting her movements and strength first into action.


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