Dian, let me tell you before I go... You need to remember, promise, and do as I say. Don't be dumb like I was, don't trust someone you think doesn't trust you the same way... Even if it is your best friend or so, you guys will hate each other a couple of weeks. Repeat this to yourself and also remember to keep your eyes on the ground out of any girl. I didn't do well on myself, so don't fail like me...

–Lai Li Ai, at her last for teaching a lesson to her brother.

Lai Li Ai
Pinyin Lài Lì ài
Character 籁俪艾
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthdate May 22nd, 1977
Age Deceased, 33
Height 164 (5'4")
Weight 43 kg (94 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Scarf
Occupation One-time Laywer, Artist: Deceased
Anime Debut Cameo
Other NA
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Lai Li Ai (赖俪哎) is Lai Li Dian's older sister. Ai is the oldest daughter of the Lai family. Her first job was as to go to a lawyer school, but then decided to become an artist. She does many help around the streets like his brother since he has to suspect the culprit for 24 hours.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lai Li Ai is shown with a white clothing; a strapped shirt and a beautiful white skirt. She sometimes wear her white scarf around her neck to show that she cared for her family. The scarf was given to her on a birthday by her parents. Her white ankle boots also make her completely white as well.


She has a sensitive side and a side that she doesn't know how to compare someone she trusts and not trusts. She was always kind enough to share her answers and give appraises to many other students. Ai never looks down on a person and is sometimes considered a fool.


When she was about 15 years old, Dian is 12, they played together and always discussed about favorite things. Their most favorite saying was about their favorite color; Ai's favorite color is white.

When she graduated in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China's college university, she got her degree and joined in. But when she was about 31 (Dian at 28) with her boyfriend, she accidentally got killed. Some say that it was purposely and only Dian knew the truth. When he found her on the grass where she had been killed, just about 10 minutes ago, Dian arrived to her and she whispered a few things to him. Dian remembered what she said and promised to listen to her advice. Some people say she died from a car accident while her boyfriend was driving the car. And luckily, she died and the boyfriend didn't, but it was actually the boyfriend who killed her. Dian wanted revenge, but his only rival and enemy is focused on Shuang Wen Zu.

Now two years after his sister's death, their family still remembered her. Just a day later after Li Ai's death, their little cousin, Xiao Peng, cried and cried about having a best cousin in their family tree dying. Dian tried to comfort her and said nice things about Xiao Peng and his sister.

She is considered to be 33 years old now because Dian's age is 30.


Unnamed Parents

It is rather unknown of what she felt toward her parents, but it is shown that she is very caring and kind to anyone dearest to her. On a birthday, her parents gave her a white scarf and she enjoyed the gift. Because of that, she has been wearing the scarf whenever she needed and it showed her respect toward her family.

Lai Li Dian (Younger Brother)

Main article: Lai Li Dian
The person who would understand her the most would be her little brother. They played together ever since they were little and became more than just being siblings, such as friends. On the day that she died, she warned Dian something about her trust within a person and not to fall for that person's tricks.

Unnamed Boyfriend

Ai had a boyfriend that she thought cared for her. She thought that trust was the ultimate key of their relationship and toward their ending, she knew that trust was the one ruining her life. Ai is thought as both insensitive and sensitive since she doesn't even realize what's happening between herself and her boyfriend and or the fact that she always thought that the people dearest to her would never do such a thing.


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