Are you telling me that this case I am doing is nonsense? Until you learn what a great detective like me is, you'd be very clueless for a response. First, a clue is always the solution, it becomes the end. We get the reward. It is not a skill or anything, it is just reality.

–Lai Shu Gao, speaking in simple sentences to a teenager.

Lai Shu Gao
Pinyin Lài Shū Gāo
Character 籁殊高
Codename Li Dian (力电)
Zi Dian (字典)
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangdong, China
Birthdate November 20th, 1981
Age 30
Height 173 cm (5’8”)
Weight 44 kg (96 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Gun, Lanyard
Occupation Detective
Organization Detective D-4 Great Sir Inc.
GZ System Defense Police Department Force
Affiliation Detective D-4
Anime Debut Episode 1
Other N/A
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Lai Shu Gao (籁殊高), also known by the codename Li Dian (力电) and Zi Dian (字典) , is one of the main characters of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. He prefers to go by the nickname "Dian". He is a part of the CLE Organization or the Detective D-4 Great Sir Inc.

Physical Appearance

Lai Shu Gao is denoted as tall and thin with short black hair and gentle brown eyes. He is always wearing his lanyard with him along with a black VIP status necktie to his white long coat that covers his long, skinny black jeans. Besides this coat from his uniforms, he can be seen wearing a brown detective looking coat that links to Sherlock Holmes' in a way.


Dian's personality is always a mystery to some people. He can be very good at communication in words and sometimes not, but he has a different way of speaking to people in a given time. He is someone that is not always showing his real attitude among others that cheer him on or ones that don't help on his own path, as stated by Dong. If he ever needs to use his speaking, he will be very direct and straightforward.

He can be quite considerate and calm in his character, rarely showing signs of taking words seriously into mind. Dian states that he is very different from his best friend, Dong, due to the fact that he can remain in his own world while Dong may show many advanced emotions of hurt, angst, and comfort.

Dian is somewhat popular, much to his distaste. With such an unknown path in front of him, he holds great advantages of keeping people from blocking his goals. These actions only earned him for being a person who rejects everyone of any kind, but actually, he feels a softer emotion inside him when he does that.

Dian is also caring, helpful, and is always not meaning to do something. When he teases people like Jo, he wants to collect their attitude and react to it. When the attitude is different than he had expected, he has a loss of words of trying to explain something he didn't intend to create.

He slightly changes his personality from being cool and smart to show off to people, but he is almost always calm in talking. When he's at home, all he can feel is the sorrowfulness of the family, still mourning over the death of his older sister years ago.


Not a lot about his childhood is known but is known to have a few good friends and a sister to hang out with. It is also commonly shown that he used to play basketball all the time.

Dian met Jo when she was in sixth grade. He first saw her as a unique girl different from the rest to talk to and had immediate interest. But little did he know that she was quite rude when he first started to talk to her, offering a drink. He didn't know the reason why, but it didn't take him time to find out when they were back inside the classroom. He starts understanding why because every single time he gets the correct answer, she beats him off on the next question. Their relationship so much ended up badly, further into the path of envy and hate. She always sees him into the same kind of situation as her, and so she started the hating subject. After that, they both go on competitions to prove who is smarter, but Dian thought that was useless and didn't care much at all.

According to his family, he had a sister named Lai Li Ai, who passed away when he was only 27. Her death was accidental to many citizens, but it was unintended murder because she was tricked by her boyfriend. She only gave Dian a fair warning of not to trust anybody easily until you know them for sure.

He only has his unnamed parents left, but he rarely goes home since he had to stay in the detective department. It is shown that he doesn't really go back to his home while being a detective solving too many criminal cases.



Unnamed Parents

It is rare to see Dian go and visit home while he stays at the Detective Department to solve unlimited cases. But it is stated that his parents are a caring family and still moans over the loss of their eldest daughter. Even though they might not show it, the one that they loved the most was Dian.

Lai Li Ai (Older Sister)

Main article: Lai Li Ai
Lai Shu Gao always hanged out with her sister ever since they were kids. He never showed any hatred towards her and respected her in any way, just like his own family. They were more than just siblings, they claim that they were best friends. He did not show any signs of sorrow toward her when she died, but he knew that their family was struck and felt empty. He did not want to lose his first best friend he ever had and wanted to follow what she told him on her last day. He can sometimes start talking about his sister if anything ties within.

Great Sir (Teacher)

Main article: Lu Xing Guang
Dian have always passed many levels in his police officer through the corporal job, but it is really rare to hear that he was once a police officer. When he got selected to D-4 commanded by Great Sir, he is recognized as one of the leaders. Great Sir thinks Dian as a student he never had before, though he is second in place, Great Sir thinks everyone has a different ability. Dian's teacher taught him a lot of things as well.

D-4 Members

Most of the members always go to Dian for advice.

Dong (Friend)

Main article: Jiang Chen Dong
It is rarely explained about Dian's friends, but it would just be none other than Dong. However, Dong is also a good doctor friend to Jo and her fourth best friend, Tu Qi Mei.
According to high school, Dian was a loner like many of the main characters in the series. Having had Dong been in the same year all along since middle school, these two had never been real friends. It was shown that Dong was having troubles being unpopular; he despised all the troubles caused by the girls who keep bothering him for his looks. Dian gave him an advice and even though Dong thought it was rather cold, he starts to accept him as a level one friend. After that, Dong kept supporting him and while Dian may have been annoyed, he felt warmth for the first time from a long time.

Jo (Colleague)

Main article: Shuang Wen Zu
There has long been a conflict between the two. He always told her how it feels to be hated by someone and that causes more arguments. He plays along with her and never shows any sign of his feelings to her. He could be switching personalities again, one being nice to her, one being fair and regular, one being harmful, and one being straightforward with the arguments.
When he noticed that she came back from college, he greeted her in a way they both did not expect. He wanted to tell her the rules for the cafeteria and test on her personality to see if she changed at all, but luckily she still stayed being her. He wished she was never rude to him in the first place, but is shown that he is actually afraid if she had a different attitude toward him other than rude. From their jobs and on, they run into each other every day but they just keep their mouth shut.

Liang Zhu Wei

It was stated that his first love interest was Liang Zhu Wei. Not really a love interest in his own terms, he considered her only as bait for his plans during high school. He and Dong had become friends, having to deal with their claimed rivals Shuang Wen Zu and Tu Qi Mei, and accompanied Zhu Wei in the group. Zhu Wei's family are agents and knowing that she must have ideas and information about top secret organizations, Dian used her as bait for plans on defeating Jo for once again.
He did not know, though, that having Zhu Wei join was a mistake. She was a popular girl in the school with good grades, kind behavior with a non-chaotic attitude, and is described as a cold beauty for her independent social interactions. He had several mistakes mentioning out on purpose, such as "The person I want to eliminate is my love interest". Jo found it hard to determine the sentence because he used the word "eliminate" but held a smirk about having him a love interest after all. When Dian cornered Zhu Wei and spilling the truth of eliminating her, Zhu Wei only smiled and knew that from the beginning, ending it with her lips touching his.

Takayama S. Akota

Main article: Takayama S. Akota
Akota, who was a fifth-grade classmate understood Jo so much. The three of them ran into each other in sixth grade and Dian realized that she was a good person. So Dian one time just asked for Akota to tell Jo to stop acting what she was. Yet, that did not work out and she fights him everything, everything they had tied together.


Powers - his powers use protection, harm and damage, cure, and other rights. It's usually not his first in hand ability during fights. He use it when he calculates the right time to do so.

Gun - the gun makes his shooting range skills as a detective higher up. This is his first automatic weapon during his fighting, usually the first to get out of.

Logic - using logic plans will make his brain solve the right thing. For a fight, he uses his logic to calculate the movements of his opponent and takes it the second time by planning the right trials.

Weapons - such as his lanyard or key or gun (of course) and many others. He uses it for a swing shot at the opponent during his turned back. He knows what's coming after him by just feeling the right movements.



The Police Level and the Amount of Badges earned by Dian from his Police/Detective job:

Level Number of Badges Earned
1 Won 67 Badges
2 Won 55 Badges
3 Won 43 Badges
4 Won 29 Badges
Detective Won 21 Badges

As the level changes, a number of badges are hard to earn and achieve. For more information about the police levels, visit the Police Levels page.



  • He is one of the half antagonist of helping and half antagonist of harming.
  • He is a claimed enemy of Shuang Wen Zu, but there are just still much more enemies from her.
  • He has a high detective level and reached about over 20 badges.
  • He is a fond of Shuang Wen Zu.
  • He is never seen without his lanyard.
  • He knows how to play the piano.
  • Dian said that if Jo was to live with his family or stay over, he would cook for her.
  • When he and Jo were in grade school and Jo won the first battle with him in a competition, spilling the truth that she hated him for being smart, his first instinct was a smirk. He played along and told her that he will continue to beat her over and over until she no longer can go on and select giving up.
  • He used to like someone besides Shuang Wen Zu in high school. Dong stated that her name was Liang Zhu Wei (梁朱蔚(维)).