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Why don't you just start focusing on your own skills or start to be confident with who you are?

–Leng Qi Suan, to Jessica.

Leng Qi Suan
Pinyin Léng Qí Suàn
Character 崚齐算
Epithet The Runner
Codename Len Trish
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthdate May 17th, 1981
Age 29 years
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Running equipment
Occupation Athlete, Champion
Anime Debut N/A
Other NA
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Leng Qi Suan (崚齐算) is an athlete of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series who doesn't appear much.

Physical AppearanceEdit


She's always telling people about their confidence toward something they want to achieve. Being an athlete that she is, she always puts her mind on focus more than anything else and that is what she wants to accomplish when she becomes an Olympic Champion.


It is said that she must have met Cong Jessica since they were in Middle School. Trish was a known athlete of the school and she had little time to meet friends that were girls; she had a lot of guy friends that were just as athletic as she was. While running the Mile Fame, she ran into Jessica when they were getting ready and witnessed her athletic skills. The following year, Jessica tries out for a sport that she wants to accomplish and Trish notices something wrong. Trish approaches her and explains a message to her to try better.



Cong Jessica

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Because they met during the following year of Jessica's try out for basketball, Trish and Jessica become automatic runner friends. Even though Trish rarely sees Jessica now because she is going to another course job, they still are friendly to each other and even stops by to greet.

Shuang Wen Zu

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Trish didn't know about Jo at first; she was always busy playing sports and running miles with her guy friends. She only met Jo when they were running the Mile Fame, just like Jessica, and was amused by her skills. Even though Jo wasn't as fast as her, she accepts the way she was. Also, when Trish was giving advice to Jessica for the basketball try-out, she mentioned Jo and described her skills on the sport.

Cheng Code (Boyfriend)

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It's a long story between the two; they met when they were in high school. They were only strangers at first and they slowly make their way of being in a relationship. They don't act like normal couples, instead they only play sports as a date.