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–Lost, to Lone.

Lin Lu Yun
Pinyin Lín Lù Yún
Character 林路云
Codename Lost
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate -- --, 1983
Age 27
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grayish
ID Number 31274
Weapon Gun, Eyes
Occupation Police Corporal, Solver
Organization A-9 In-Private Training PTGS Group
Affiliation GZ System Defense Police Department Force
Anime Debut Episode One
Other NA
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Lin Lu Yun (林璐云), nickname known as Lost, is a supporting character in Shuang Wen Zu's police corporal A-9 group.

Physical AppearanceEdit


She can be thought as smart when she does help out others. She shares information that she gets and is seen using her ability on her eyes. She sometimes tend to talk with Alpha as her sister and share data together. Her personality can quite mysterious at times and it makes her groupmates think that her presence is very low.


Her name got changed to Lost sometime when she started college. Slowly and slowly, she forgets her name until it is said.




Gun - being a police guru officer, she needs to solve cases along with her group. Most girls don't use guns to fight, but she will be ready to aim for a perfect shot.

Her Eyes - her eyes are no ordinary thing. Most people think she is blind and that is the reason why she adapted to her nickname, but her eyes can see through objects that leave out clues.