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But you were a Logical, weren't you? Why are you different now? You should just surrender, that will do you good!

–Liu Jia Ying, to Bai Ri.

Liu Jia Ying
Pinyin Liú Jiā Yíng
Character 刘嘉莹
Codename The Logical Girl
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate -- --, 1986
Age 25
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brownish Red
Occupation 8th Year College Graduate
Anime Debut Not Available
Other NA
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Liu Jia Ying (刘嘉莹) is a side character that has a major influence with the case of Bai Ri in the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. She is an 8th year university college graduate.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She wears the uniform from her eight year university college.


Jia Ying is considered to be a smart girl who sided with the Logicals who used brains instead of those that used physical strength. She is a girl with great examining skills, as shown when she almost found out that Song Ti Jian was Bai Ri but denied it.

Jia Ying also seems to be a considerate person and tries to shape people for the good ways.




Song Ti Jian

Main article: Song Ti Jian
She never met him in the 3rd year university like he had. She only started to come to know him as a person to beat from the top 3, but soon realized that she actually might have the courage to be friends. They accidentally cooperated by a mistake on separate science experiments and came to understand each other.
Throughout those years, they both were more of in a calm relationship such as holding hands. But she had been secretly examining his true identity. She denied that he must have been the wanted criminal during their 8th year of graduating. When the police force asked her to search the night, knowing that she was excellent at examining, for Bai Ri because they knew how he would actually appear. Jia Ying agreed and lured him into her trap and was not surprised when he really was the person who she had hanged out with some years ago.


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