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So no? Isn't she one of the best students in your class? I'd be happy to accept the recommendation.

–Great Sir, to Takayama Akihiro.

Lu Xing Guang
Pinyin Lù Xìng Guāng
Character 陆兴光
Codename Great Sir
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate March 3rd, 1953
Age 57 years
Hair Color Official Black, white hair.
Eye Color Light Brown
Weapon Gun, keys, other police gadgets.
Occupation Detective Commander
Organization CLE Organization.
Affiliation CLE Organization (Detective D-4), DO members and staffs.
Anime Debut N/A
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Lu Xing Guang (陆兴光), or his commander name Great Sir, is one of the supporting characters in the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. He is a well-known ranked third of the detective commanders, with him in charge of the Detective D-4.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lu Xing Guang is a man of his middle ages, portrayed with black hair and tiny bits of white hair. His light brown eyes may display a gentle side, unlike other commanders that are commonly serious or sarcastic.

Like many other detective commanders, their attire is modern clothing of a white lab-like coat and black professional pants. Whether they chose to wear their commander uniform or not, the detective commanders can usually wear the Sherlock Holmes' type.


He is known to excel at teaching his students than that of the top two detective sirs, Key Sir of Detective D-8 and Pro Sir of Detective D-10. Because of that, he is usually displaying his kind side than his serious side. However, he can be strict at times, assigning groups of a division between D-4. He recognizes Shan Yi and Lai Li Dian as his best students while some of the rest with Ti A Ge as the laziest.




Shan Yi Reoz(Student)

Main article: Shan Yi
While he was still teaching in the detective department along with his commander friends, DO at that time was still not so advanced in making more systems. It was a hard time for Shan Yi to accomplish surpassing the corporals before entering detective level. When selected to D-4, Lu Xing Guang immediately recognized him as his best student before encountering Lai Li Dian, whom he used to know years ago.

Lai Li Dian (Student)

Main article: Lai Li Dian
Dian have always passed many levels in his police officer through corporal job; but it is really rare to hear that he was once a police officer. When he got selected to D-4 commanded by Great Sir, he is recognized as one of the leaders. Great Sir thinks Dian as a student he never had before, though he is second in the best place, Great Sir thinks everyone has a different ability.
It is also a mystery that he had known Dian before he joined D-4. He was surprised that Lai Li Dian was the name of the young boy he met years ago, and that concludes why Dian was also immediately recognized as a top leader of the group.

Ti A Ge (Student)

Main article: Ti A Ge
Lu Xing Guang's most laziest student would be Ti A Ge. Ge is supposedly older than the rest of D-4's student members, but he is identified as the person who seems to be at an immature level. But in reality, Great Sir knows him best; Ti A Ge was a student who guides the other lazy members together and makes progress by patrolling the area or going alone to solve a case. His actions are better being examined.

Zhong Zhi Guo (Upperclass)

Main article: Zhong Zhi Guo
Every commander or staff members know all about the police chief. While many students of DO think the police chief rarely shows his face, the staff joins for meetings all the time and have upperclass conversations. Lu Xing Guang met Zhing Zhi Guo like many other commanders, either joined police school or police college.

Fang Zhi Ying (Commander Friend)

Main article: Fang Zhi Ying
Great Sir's first commander friend was Key Sir. Even though Fang Zhi Ying is friends with Liang Li Ping more than the rest, Great Sir is always there for them for any occasion involving cases. They also have buddy relationships.

Liang Li Ping (Commander Friend)

Main article: Liang Li Ping
Along with Key Sir, Great Sir is a friend of Pro Sir. Them three is the best of detective commander friends than the others, except High Sir that is. Lu Xing Guang and Key Sir always agreed to help their friends in any way since their college years, and Guang used to plan out an idea for Pro Sir to get together with Li Jia Yin, who is now the Madam Con.

Huang Zhi Xian (Commander Friend)

Main article: Huang Zhi Xian
Great Sir also had a normal friend in police college and that was High Sir. High Sir used to be a loner and never hanged out with a lot of students because he always read mystery books. Great Sir is different than the others, so he had joined being Xian's friends. When he entered detective commander level and gained a change in the ID, he was close to Madam Con's and High Sir's.

Takayama Akihiro (Commander Friend)

Main article: Takayama Akihiro
Akihiro, who is the honored commander of the corporal department and of A-9, appears to know Lu Xing Guang. It was also stated that the reason why he recommended Jo to level up to a Detective was to be in Guang's class. Since they were friends, the recommendation was easier than any other Detective classes to select her.



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