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Why? Why can I not shoot anymore? I don't believe a single thing about this!

–Quick, referring to himself as useless.

Meng Qi Su
Pinyin Máng Qí Sù
Character 忙奇速
Codename Quick
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate -- --, 1982
Age 28
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
ID Number 33489
Weapon Gun, Fists
Occupation Police Corporal, Solver
Organization A-9 In-Private Training PTGS Group
Affiliation GZ System Defense Police Department Force
Anime Debut Episode One
Other NA
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Mang Qi Su (忙奇速), nickname known as Quick, is a supporting character in Shuang Wen Zu's police corporal A-9 group in the Strategy Gun: Power Police series.

Physical AppearanceEdit


He was nicknamed as "Quick" in the group because of his unusual speed of completing work and missions, not about speed in actual. He is a really calm and confident person and takes things very seriously. When he shot a culprit for one case as a mistake, he didn't realize he was serious for one moment. After that day, he slowly starts to regress on shooting and does not believe it. He does not like to take that seriously, however.

Being the third leader of PTGS, he is skilled and really intelligent.


When he was aiming to be a police trainee in DO, upon taking the physical training test, he was placed as the top three passers. During his shooting test portion, he used one hand with the trainee gun and shot all ten bullets with a perfect score. The officers around him seemed surprised because they haven't moved to one hand yet. However, the commander congratulated his efforts and warned him to use two hands. Because he was such a good shooter, he does not believe that his abilities will regress.




Gun - before even becoming a Police Trainee, he was already skilled with one handed guns. He finds two handed useless because there is no free hand. It was said that his shooting skills got him a few levels up.

Fists - even though it is rarely seen for Quick to fight, he is known to have really good attack skills, as stated by Bao He, one of his A-9 friends.