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I don't accuse people of the way they look... but the way they think. I don't do any of those things unless you are out of your mind. This is the way I see people, I judge them by their knowledge. You steady for a better explanation, Ace?

–Celine Nai, to Ace Gene.

Nai Xi Lin
Pinyin Nài Xí Lín
Character 耐席琳
Codename Genius Celine Nai
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangdong, China
Birthdate December 7th, 1982
Age 29
Height NA
Weight NA
Hair Color Brownish Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Math Tools
Occupation Mathematician
Affiliation NA
Anime Debut Episode 20 Part 2
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Nai Xi Lin (耐席琳), best known as "Genius Celine Nai", is a character who does not appear much in the Strategy Gun: Power Police series.

Physical AppearanceEdit



Celine Nai entered Middle School as the "Genius" of girls as she was one of the dictionaries of that school. As she entered High School, her nickname stays but this time facing even more smarter classmates. There she met Jo, a classmate that wanted to succeed as a police officer, and became hardworking partners.

She also met a few other people in High School such as Pro Fei, one of her many favorite classmates; Rachlen Song was a vocabularic smarty, and Celine had interest towards her attitude. Celine also has a rather strange attitude between Ace Gene, a boy who shares the same knowledge as hers and who liked to dress somewhat like a punk. She usually has a good behavior to people who are ranked in the top, but not to Ace; she is slightly more antagonistic toward him.