In Strategy Gun: Power Police, this is an achievement where all kinds of positions from trainee 1 to inspectors take their test scores to level up.


When a new novice trying to start their job as a police officer, they have to go take their test, a little like an IQ test, about things they have learned in their college and high school courses suitable to all levels in one whole test. When that student finishes the test, they either get thei score right after or just go on with their "entrance exam group" to train the basics.


There are two parts of the test. One is the Point Test Examination I which is only for levels starting from Police Trainee 1 to a Police Corporal in the A Level Department. The second test is the Point Test Succession Examination II starting from an A-9 Corporal to an Inspector. However, there is a final part of the Police Point Score Test: the Succession Examination Final, only recommended for the higher levels.

Passing Point ScoresEdit

Point Test Examination IEdit

Name of Position Police Point Score
Police Trainee 1 150
Police Trainee 2 220
Police Trainee 3 300
Police Supervisor 380
Police Corporal F 420
Police Corporal D 450
Police Corporal C 480
Police Corporal B 510
Police Corporal A 550

Point Test Succession Examination IIEdit

Name of Position Police Point Score
Police Corporal A-9 565
Detective 760
Investigator 780
Inspectors Appointed
*Sergeant 800
*Liuetenant 820

​The (*) generally means detectives and investigators could have the equal amount of requirements as the positions highlighted in *. It is also a part of the final exam.

Succession Examination FinalEdit

Name of Position Police Point Score
Captain 850
Commander 1000
(Recommended) Sir 1005
Police Chief 1120

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