These are the incredible and mighty powers the characters had use in the story. Powers are not available for everyone, but it gives strength for the owner who have them.

Xuang Wen JoEdit

  • Gadgets (main power from hers)
  • Enter IV Nit Release (enters a number in a magic form)
  • Saber Lightning (a sabersword which includes versions that blow like lightning)
  • Howl (an incredible sonic scream)
  • Ressurect
  • Direct Energy (which gives the opponent an extra increase of 50 points)
  • Direct Ex-Energy (which gives the opponent an extra decrease of 50 points)
  • Power Potion Back-up Release (gives the main target of the ally in a team an extra supply back from the opponent)
  • Mad Rage (power that gives an incredible shot at the opponent)
  • Possess
  • Magic Activation Range (sets up a green and handcuffed circle to the person who is standing on to the opponent around the bind which gives the owner range a powerful shoot)
  • more to find out...

Lai Li DianEdit

  • Inivisible Screening (appears an incredible and smart otherwise handful computer screen out of nowhere)
  • Black Thunder Skill (gives an extra hit to strike more than 10 opponents in a one shot)
  • Ressurect
  • Recovery Target (recovers target and energies them)
  • Slice Shoot (a direct shoot to an opponent)
  • Motor Device (a moving device that helps and instructs skills)
  • more to find out...