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There's not one time I have never fight on with my master by congratulating her to win. So go now! I want to hear it while you go!

–Ruka, to himself in the triathlon.

Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Beijing, China
Birthdate July 2nd, 1992
Age 19 years
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light brown
Weapon His own body of robotics
Affiliation Later affiliated with the PTGS Group
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Shaikostan Ruka, also known as just Ruka, is a robot boy who can change into a human form some of the time. He has a lot of electronics and never runs out of electricity, energy, and gas for his own body machine.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ruka has blonde hair and light brown eyes. He can transform into a robot at any time, which he can turn whenever he wants. He also doesn't understand the world of humans, but enjoyed being around with people too.


He has a very cute, sweet, and kind personality. He is very caring and thoughtful.


Ruka was originally made by a girl named Coda, who loves having someone like a pet. When Shuang Wen Zu first spotted him, she asked for him if he would work for her. Then when Ruka followed her as a helper, he saw the sadness of Jo's master being dead. Then Jo elected him as an apprentice to honor him and remember her master. As anyone knows, Ruka's master is Jo after that.