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Shen Luo
Pinyin Shēn Luō
Character 深罗
Codename Lone
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate -- --, 1982
Age 28
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
ID Number 41382
Weapon Gun, Fists
Occupation Police Corporal, Reporter/Solver
Organization A-9 In-Private Training PTGS Group
Affiliation GZ System Defense Police Department Force
Anime Debut Episode One
Other NA
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Shen Luo (深罗), nickname known as Lone, is a supporting character or member in Shuang Wen Zu's police corporal A-9 group.

Physical AppearanceEdit



His name had always stayed being "Shen Luo", but due to having interest with Lin Lu Yun, otherwise known as "Lost", he wanted to change his name to "Lone".




Gun - same to every police officer or corporal, they will need to bring their gun at all times. When he knows the right tracks of using a gun, his hands will grab his weapon in a split second.

Fists - he doesn't show much physical action or strength, but he can be ready to punch as hard as he could if the target is in close combat.


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