The best idea for a first hand is to never have been focused much into a fight, rather than just deny it the next for twice a time of your "never should have accepted" effort. The position you are in is never effected to your current or never-ending status.

–Xuang Wen Jo, speaking with a nonsense tone to one of her teammates.

Shuang Wen Zhen
Pinyin Shuǎng Wén Zǔ
Character 爽文组
Codename Xuang Wen Jo
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangdong, China
Birthdate April 11th, 1982
Age 29
Height 161 cm (5‘3“)
Weight 42 kg (92 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brownish Black
ID Number 36754 (DO)
Weapon Gadgets, Gun, Needle Pointers, Knives
Occupation Police Guru Officer, A-9 Corporal
Organization A-9 In-Training Privacy PTGS Group
Affiliation GZ System Defense Police Department Force Members
Anime Debut Episode 1
Other NA
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Shuang Wen Zu (爽文组), famously known as Xuang Wen Jo, is the main protagonist of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. She is a solo solver and the second student leader of the GZ System Defense Police Department Force A-9 In-Training Private PTGS Group. She prefers to being called "Jo".

Physical Appearance

Jo is portrayed to be tall and thin, but is actually quite short due to her height being the starting point of all female officers. Jo also is depicted with black hair that shows a thin, hair line on her back and brownish black eyes. She usually wears an expression that is not easily determined, most of the time being serious or not able to show any emotion. She is always seen wearing her police uniform with her number pad (DO ID) on her left shoulder. Her uniform is black and white along with professional black pants, but she chooses to wear black skinny jeans. In her hidden pockets or in the areas of the belt and waist, she contains gadgets that will be alongside her for fighting.

In her typical days of playing around the basketball court, her uniform is completely black with bits of golden edges around the bottom of her jeans. However, Jo could be wearing other uniforms that can help her fight powerfully, but she usually prefers her police uniform.


Shuang Wen Zu is not a person who expresses herself easily, but one thing everybody catches is due to the fact that she is an unrealistic goal catcher that keeps fighting for crime and solving all the problems with or without her team. It is also stated that she doesn't need any help and any advice, mostly because she prefers being alone or is irritated by sticking behind with a team.

Jo is extremely aware of her own skills throughout her entire life. Having been taught by two masters since she was 1-5 years old, she learned not to be afraid of something people are born to be scared of. She also seems to be really into innate behavior and autodidacticism, the ability of self-taught and self-education. She also values bravery and confidence. When nobody volunteers to do dangerous missions, she will be up for the job and clear everything without worry. At times, she might be a little impatient but she really doesn't like to get annoyed with her own actions, so she spends her own time being a little patient too.

Besides being a solo, she can really get into bad relationships with people. Even with a serious expression on, the most she will surface will be anger. Her anger is mostly due towards her past relationship with Lai Li Dian, who is older than her by a few months. She is afraid of losing and is a very competitive person, though sometimes that may be due to choosing not to show her strength to people she is examining on a case. For instance, during her time in Beijing, she enters an in-modern martial arts group just to focus on the members for the case rather than trying out for martial art, therefore making the people calling her a short girl with no fighting abilities. Towards the end, she discloses her fighting style and the people were only stunned. However there are times where there is a complete opposite, having lost control on people calling her "un-police-like", in which she tags along and releases some dangerous martial art tactics just to prove herself.

Shuang Wen Zu refers to herself as a tom-boy since she has a serious irritation on hearing romance stories. Even though many cases involve with romance in it, she tries her best not to focus on the aspect of the category. Being unsocial, she has no skills of communicating and only talks in long and nonsense terms with her determined pitch of voice with various facts, in which it leads to people thinking her as a mean bully for her smart memory and intelligent capabilities.

Most classmates from her school years often were scared of her as she always seem to be mysterious and lonely. One time, she has not believed in herself for getting a bad grade that was supremely high to others. She thought she was embarrassed even though she stated "nobody cares".


As a newborn, her parents sent her to Beijing, China, to learn and practice talented skills. During those 5 years of learning, she was expected to master high levels of martial arts, skills, and intelligence with harsh care. The only thing she needed to avoid was having a stick struck to her legs by the hands of her masters. The stick hitting was also another important factor to add a personality to her; for being durable to damaging. Hitting was just one reason she was skinny too.

Though the learning in Beijing only lasted about 5 short years, she of course returned back to GuangDong, China, her homeland. She started attending schools and only created separate lines of herself and others. As stated from the episode Memories from the Past, she was known to not understand the world of sports. She entered first grade and met a boy who was athletic in the same age, and he taught her how to practice and understand the game of soccer, relays, and basketball. In that matter, she learned it the way it was easy as training, this had caused the boy to become good friends with her.

In Middle School, Jo completed through honors/advance and AP classes and higher levels were a master of herself. But studying isn't her only ability, she practices sports which a lot now.

Also according to the 9th grade, there was a special sport event in which people can participate in. This event was basketball. They had 10 groups with 4 people in each. A captain is selected and is supposed to be the main participant. The rules of the game was to shoot all 4 hoops in 4 different corners. Each captain will dash to the first hoop in the first corner when the whistle blows. Next, whoever shoots the first will go to the second, and then the third, and then finally the last; that person will win. Jo was selected as captain and easily shot the first hoop and went to the second. Other captains were struggling, but some weren't. Jo beat them off at the third hoop and then another team had switched captains. In somewhat her last hoop, she tried to aim a perfect shot but missed when another ball had flew in first, blocked her ball out of bounce. She was really angry to see that the replaced captain was Dian.

In College, she attended many universities. She completed the four years of college and then worked as a police patrol officer. Then, she went back to college for another 3 years, then resumed to work for crime again. She came back the start of age 29. Now that her goal was a success, she joined the PTGS group in the department, and the group has many names like Police Tendency Gun System and Police Teleportation Gun Society that people randomly call.


Episode 1

After having a deal with Lai Li Dian, she plans on her own timing to meet Sir Jayostako-Mato to reach back contact with her teammates and group. Her level starts again as Trainee 1 and she can manage to skip back to Corporal 3. When lunch was done and is currently the Trainee levels' practice for shooting at targets, Jo sees Sir Jayostako-Mato and approaches to him for the meeting. After all she went through, she joins To Er Mei and Kwong Colin on the side of a bridge. [1]

After a brief talk, the next morning she encounters Dian again. There, they agreed to fight after a long time no see. When they only doubled little attacks, Dian stops and asks her about the level she is in. She takes her stance away and replies, shocking him even more. [1] [2]

When Jo says she gets everything taken care of, she starts to think about since she came back she needed to solve some crime. She studied before joining back to the police force to solve and learn more about criminology. She thought that the past years when she was a Trainee, her work wasn't enough and quit before she even told anybody. A madam, one that checks and passes out files, gave a document to Mato and he receives it. He opens it and announced a meeting with his class and they were assigned to groups for a lookout for 12 hours under the suspect. [1]

Jo uses her logic since the file was describing about a girl, aged 17, who is likely to be a suspect of the case, and who happened to walk across the sidewalk in JingShu Street. The case also pictures a clue of a lost mitten and the mitten before the time the police came had no blood in it. The Forensics checked on any missing fingerprints but is likely to found none because a mitten does not hold a fingerprint at any cost. But the blood stained in it made the Forensics scientists figure what happened. As soon as the scientists discussed about the clues, Jo used her logic once more to check out everything. [1]



Gadgets - Gadgets can be the second main power or her handheld item during her fights. It's a little common for her to use her gadgets along side.

Gun - the gun is the most out of all she needed for fights at the first start. Later she can release her own powers. She needs skills on all her abilities to make the gun shooting move.

Powers - Her powers can be the first fighting power for her to use. Because it's got a lot of energy and magic in it, that's why she uses it in her fights.

Her own plan - She's got her own brain to figure how to fight and use it for plans. She can quickly spot some evidence with her brain and check it on her science information.


The Police Level and the Amount of Badges earned by Jo from her Police job:

Level Number of Badges Earned
Trainee 1 Won 52 Badges
Trainee 2 Won 43 Badges
Trainee 3 Won 28 Badges
Supervise 4 Won 25 Badges
Corporal Guru Won 19 Badges

As the level changes, the amount of badges are hard to earn and achieve. For more information about the police levels, visit the Police Levels page.


  • She is left-handed and can fight really good with it.
  • When she was in 5th grade, she had her first best two friends. She had two good friends in Kindergarten.
  • She has numerous powers and skillful abilities from her own body, but sometimes her hands will grab gadgets out of the blue from her hidden pockets, which creates a contrast between two things.
  • Mei stated that her first love was a certain weapon she examined in 9th grade. But they all realized that it wasn't the real "love" they were talking about.
  • Basketball is her favorite sport while soccer being the second.
  • She claims that she "hates" a lot of things, calling herself as a hater.
  • Most classmates call her the smart girl on almost every subject. Especially math, she has the ability to calculate very fast and some people call her the 'calculator' instead.
  • She first met Dian face to face when he offered her a drink of Sprite. At that moment, she already disliked him.
  • She likes to compare "envy" and "hate" as the same exact thing because she had really no idea which one of it she felt towards Dian.
  • When she was in 9th grade, at that time it was only a middle school course selection for high school levels, she wore glasses since joining a force for criminology. She even lectured a speech about school and acceptable behaviors. Due to that, a group of 3 trouble-making boys broke into a fight when she was walking past lockers.
  • There was another time when Dian went inside the hand-washing room reserved for only washing hands, grabbed her when she was done washing her face, and punched her. There was not to be seen a particular reason.
  • Her parents and her relationship is normal. Her dad actually disapproves her for being a police officer while her mom has no care for what job she takes.
  • She now lives in a small one floor house with her two parents and herself as an only child. She is also the skinniest person in her family.


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