My best part of my one and single history was just the way it happened. Oblonged into an old and unsual life gave me confidence and wrote me the way how people became to work. I could no longer hold, see, help, explain, or work for anyone who doesn't trust me for they were sure to let me free. I don't think that changed matters at all. I knew someday this would happen, it all follows on the path of every person; there is only one solution to things.

–Rachlen, at her final appearance.

Song Wen Qu
Pinyin Sòng Wén Qù
Character 宋文趣
Epithet The Vocabulary
Codename Rachlen
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangdong, China
Birthdate May 15th, 1982
Age 29 years
Hair Color Brownish black
Eye Color Brownish black
Weapon Skill: Power Absorber
Occupation Part-time doctor, Full-time investigator
Organization Top UC Organization
Affiliation Jheng (best guyfriend)
Anime Debut Episode 15 Part 2
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Song Wen Qu (宋文趣), also known as Rachlen in English, is a character who is thought to be the first to be a villain and a non-villain of the story. She isn't really an antagonist for her little chronological appearances.

Physical AppearancesEdit

Rachlen used to have long hair with little curls on the bottom. Then she cut her hair to the length of her neck, still having the curls. Her black-brown hair ties into her whole outfit, a black cape coat which stops all the way to her knees.


She is well-admired to people of her classmates since middle school to college. But then something strikes her which lead to the rumors of her disappearing.

Rachlen was very smart and vocabularic. Not having the nickname as the "Human Dictionary" or the "Human Computer" like her friend Jheng, she still supports him. She had a nice personality and spoke with a dark and blurry voice.


Wen Qu was first shown to be a girl in middle school who was helpful and trying to accomplish everything that goes on. Nobody knew who she really was at first or whatever she was like, but then she became everywhere to people and they started to think her in many ways.

Rachlen, to all people, was thought as being "mean". Then when classmates partnered up with her, she was the one, as everyone guessed, who had to share her opinion with her own words. Nobody could think of any other vocabularic words like her. 

Jiang Yi Fei was in her class from middle school, she shared a story about the time she dropped all her binders, notebooks, and other supplies on the floor after entering their next class door. Pro Fei managed to pick it up all herself when she saw a black caped coat person help her and return all her things. Pro Fei realized that it was Rachlen; none other than that, Pro Fei has never thought Rachlen would be so nice to help someone. She also thought it doesn't seem to be Rachlen who helped her at all.

Of course it all changed at the time of her graduation. When she graduated college and began her first job as a part-time doctor and a full-time investigator, she earned money to take care of her parents. After her first year, she started her second year -- which became very suspense. Nobody knew where'd she gone. 

Shuang Wen Zu was solving an ordinary case when one day she spots a familiar look leaned against a wall. They were probably a yard away, but Jo could tell the black caped coat and the hair with curls. It was Rachlen indeed and Jo thought that the recent rumors of her return were true. Later on, Rachlen was proved as a criminal for a lot of reasons. She didn't admit treason or become a traitor, it was something nobody knows. 

Soon, Rachlen was shown as the only and quiet person from her mysterious organization, sitting separated by the tables. She didn't seem to like her group at all. In fact, she was a person which some of her groupmates were scared of.