Tang Sheng
Pinyin Táng Shèng
Character 唐胜
Epithet The Competitive Winner
Codename Sir Fork
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate October 29th, 1965
Age 45
Height 170 cm (5'7")
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon NA
Occupation Sensicalization Organization Leader
Organization Sensicalization
Affiliation Top UC Organzation
Anime Debut N/A
Other NA
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Tang Sheng (唐胜), better known as Sir Fork, is the leader otherwise known as the Sensicalization Organization's dictator. He has a set of blueprinted plans that he allows his group to finish. He was a real commander in another police department he used to work at. He quit being a commander after completing a case about how guilty the culprit was and what he managed to do. So years later, he found the Sensicalization group and organized the members into "Sense members".

Physical AppearancesEdit

He used to wear his commander uniform as a police sir. Now he wears similar to the uniform since he has created them for his organization for the process of leveling.



Since he was little, he used to be named as the "Competitive Winner". Everybody sided with him for everything he do. To him, nothing was rather wrong. His classmates urged him to become a police officer or even a detective. To his form, he had always been interested in law and politics.

He was once an honored commander of the Police Department. He was also a good friend with Sir Jayostako-Mato and the Police Chief Zhong Zhi Guo. Little is known about Tang Sheng.

He first created the Sensicalization Organization with a few other organizations that were designing on a plan for destroying all police departments and crime forces. Each leader of a new organization they secretly created had to find members to fulfil their missions.

Tang Sheng took the name of "Sir Fork".


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