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A doctor's true personality is not for care taking business or about just improving everyone's health. A doctor mustn't always be accurate, but excelled in their doings for helping themselves to double their family's being or the purpose for everyone. You, anyone, must express your heart's most important and powerful experience of this life...stick with it, you're born with it. I'm not saying illness in this case. Even if you couldn't, all I can say is to try your very best. It's like my job to read your heart better. It must be large indeed, right?

–To Er Mei, to her upperclass doctors.

Tu Qi Mei
Pinyin Tu èr Méi
Character 涂二梅
Codename Apen
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Guangdong, China
Birthdate May 8th, 1983
Age 28 years
Height 159 cm (5’2")
Weight 42 kg (93 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Knives (fighting)


Occupation Physics Doctor
Organization N/A
Affiliation N/A
Anime Debut Episode 1
Other NA
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To Er Mei (涂二梅), aka Apen, is the second main and also one of the protagonist of the story. She is Shuang Wen Zu's fourth best friend in line in which they first met in 5th grade.

Physical AppearanceEdit

When Mei was little, she is portrayed to have two strange looking pigtails hanging by her side. Now sometimes when she isn't in a hospital, she would put in a bun or leave it down. She puts on a headband and sometimes wear a long doctor gown.


To Er Mei is a cheerful girl who usually helps her friends no matter what. Her course job was to take a full subject of healing: doctor and or surgeon. She is a Physics Doctor, while her boyfriend, Dong, works as a Supporting Doctor which aka is a Surgeon. While taking this job, she handles things seriously and gets tempered if people annoy her and make her fail.

Mei is also a very nice and caring girl. Whenever stories of breaking a friendship goes through Mei's mind, she will think she would do that to her friends. She is a girl who doesn't like to be treated that way.


Mei couldn't have been friends with Jo when they are complete opposites. It all started when they knew each other very well in their childhood and partnered up for activities on assigned work. Soon, Jo befriended her because she was very different from the others. When Jo met Takayama S. Akota, they found out she was in between. Even though Mei has never really show any signs of jealousy, she is always welcomed to greet others who join to help.

Colin, one of her friends and Jo's friends, was once kicked out of Jo's team for playing a prank on Jo about being a friend to Lai Li Dian and making amends. Jo didn't like the thought and kicked her out as a forgotten friend. In Episode 16 when they make a visit to Beijing, they met Colin again and became friends back again.

Although Mei is not in the police department group to help her friends solve cases, she is only a helper when Jo goes alone. Jo loves to go by herself, and Mei understands that. Mei always give some time to people, and she doesn't want to ruin someone else's plan or business. Mei would help identify and focus more on a murder case of the person being killed. Sometimes Mei go look by herself for clues to inform Jo if she finds any. A wounded body would be best to show her personality on her job, she would immediately solve it by starting doctor science.




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