Xia Lun
Pinyin Xiá Lún
Character 峡輪
Epithet The Evil Genius
Codename Pyron Ha Leng
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Birthdate March 26th, 1962
Age 48 years
Height 173 cm (5'8")
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Brain Control 5X9, Magnet HanDLe
Occupation Top UC Organization Leader
Organization Top UC Organization
Affiliation Sensicalization
Anime Debut N/A
Other NA
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Xia Lun (峡輪), with an English name of Pyron Ha Leng, is the leader otherwise known as the Top UC Organization's dictator. He has complicated plans and often acts like a boss who wants his own "capturers" to do his own work.

Physical AppearancesEdit

He is seen wearing a black coat and a long pant. He usually puts the Brain Control 5X9 weapon gear with him at all times.


Ha Leng grew up with a negative attitude towards others. He has a side of gentleness and a side of evil whereas he always sends missions for his "capturers" to complete. His ultimate plan is to steal all of his capturers' powers and skills because he completely brainwashed their minds into following his orders.

He also lies a lot and is pathetic at fighting. He can lead to good talking conversations which he can make a win at.


He first created the Top UC Organization with a few other organizations that were designing on a plan for destroying all police departments and crime forces. Each leader of a new organization they secretly created had to find members to fulfil their missions.

Ha Leng took the name of "Sir Pyron" and had a few guards that aid him through battles. The first time he set for a mission to brainwash and find a capturer listed on his files, he brought his guards with him to do the work. When the guards catched the person with unique powers and skills, Ha Leng begins his job. He uses the Magnet HanDLe to make them dizzy and also uses the Brain Control 5X9 with various tools. The first Brain Control tool he used was brainwashing them. The second tool was to block out mind controls and Reading through Minds skill. The third one was to block out from physical damage to the brain.

He has captured 9 members with powers and skills. The last member (10th) was Rachlen Song, who had the exceeding power that Tang Sheng wanted to steal from on his list.


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