I had a friend... she was the same as me, quiet and much more. Of course, she was much smarter than me and always forced me, helped me, and taught me ways to become successful. She did those 3 to make me become an artist because I had those skills of my own.

–Akota, to herself.

Xiao Chi Shun
Kanji 高山 あこた
Rōmaji Takayama Akō Ta
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Kyoto, Japan
Birthdate September 16th, 1982
Age 29
Height 155 cm (5’1”)
Weight 40 kg (90 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brownish Black
Weapon Artist Tools
Occupation Artist
Anime Debut Not Available
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Takayama Sayako-Eimin Akota (高山 あこた) is a supporting character who is one of Shuang Wen Zu's friends in the past of the Strategy Gun: Police Police series.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Akota is portrayed to possess short black hair that goes all the way to her shoulders with bangs. Her eyes are always slightly mid-open like she was still sleeping. She often wears clothing like the 1970s, including her favorite pinkish red sweater as an artist.


When she sees her friends angry or disappointed, she goes to site by their side and say nothing as if nothing happened. But sometimes that is the reason of how she cheers her friends up, trying to cooperate silently and putting effort in it. She is very quiet most of the time as she can say stuff when she feels the right time. When she talks, she pushes the bad things that could pop out of her mouth behind her brain. That is why nobody has ever heard anything bad coming from her. She seems to likely to hold an accent that is unclear and dark.


Akota's family were all born in Kyoto, Japan. They moved to Tokyo after Aiko, her youngest sister, was born. Since her eldest sister, Akane, was in her first year college at Tokyo, she did not come with the family to Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Akota joined 5th grade at the same school Shuang Wen Zu attended at.

Akota's father used to be an artist. Akota also is an artist now, her whole family are based on creativity and imagination. Moreover, her whole family were a great member of art, each had a different talent on their art. In fact, he is the commander of Jo's police department group called the PTGS. Since Akota graduated high school and college, she did not go face to face her best friend anymore. When she graduated, she and her mother and Aiko moved back to her home country, Japan.


Takayama Akihiro (Father)

Main article: Takayama Akihiro
Akota is probably Akihiro's best daughter, or thought to be. First of all, he warned Seiji that she had to birth a boy, but again, she birthed a girl. Akihiro has never been mad before, but he does appreciate Akota and taught her many things, such as animations. He also respects Akota's best friend Shuang Wen Zu because that is one of his best students in PTGS group.

Hase Seiji (Mother)

Akihiro had warned Seiji to birth a boy, but she had birthed a girl again. Akihiro didn't become mad and Seiji was only relieved. Akota's relationship with her mother is really well, as she goes to her mother all the time to sort things out.

Takayama S. Akane (Elder Sister)

Seiji and Akihiro's first child was Akane and taught her to become really smart and capable of doing things on her own. Her middle name is Sayako-Ingrid and because of that, the two parents placed their middle names with the beginning "Sayako". Akane is also a very great artist and usually goes to Akota and see what's going on.

Takayama S. Aiko (Younger Sister)

Seiji loves Aiko dearly because she was the last daughter that she birthed. Akihiro does not seem to show a lot of love towards Aiko because of her bratty attitude. Aiko usually goes to Akota because she is the sister that she plays a lot with since elementary. Her full name is Takayama Sayako-Iden Aiko, leaving Akota with the only one with an E.

Shuang Wen Zu (Friend)

Main article: Shuang Wen Zu
Jo and Akota met in their 5th grade. Akota thought Jo was Japanese even though she knew that the school she was attending were full of Chinese. When Jo got used to being friends with her, she realized how it was kind of great to have a really best friend. When Jo gets mad, Akota would go sit next to her and wait for a response. Jo knows a lot about the Japanese and Chinese enemy history, but she didn't hate herself for having a friend that was supposed to be an enemy of hers.
Akota also communicates to her best friend online (but she doesn't even have an e-mail account and a phone still at this age). She doesn't use computers much either, but she only uses it for research and or communicating to her best friend if possible.

Lai Li Dian (Classmate)

Main article: Lai Li Dian
When Lai Li Dian was also in the same school, she realized the intense hate between him and Jo. When Akota sees him around distracting her friend, she would go over to them and say nice things about keeping out.
Overall, Akota is a great friend for many people, as stated by Dian as well. He once appeared out of nowhere in 6th grade to be in front of Jo, but then made an excuse saying, "I came here to see Akota play the recorder." When Akota played it for him, because she didn't want him to distract her friend any further, he replied that was beautiful music.


  • Akota can play the recorder.
  • She becomes an artist taught by her father, but she was brave enough to become one because of the courage Jo gave her.


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