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We give in to ourselves the best shot. Our body depends on how we act or solve. Our brain tells us what we've collected and we use our strategies to learn from others. Next time, I want you to keep this in mind.

–Bright Sir, to his students.

Xiao Shan Ming
Kanji 高山 明弘
Rōmaji Takayama Akihiro
Codename Bright Sir
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Kyoto, Japan
Birthdate June 4th, 1953
Age 57 years
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Gun, keys, other police gadgets
Occupation Guru Sir
Organization GZ System Defense Police Department Force
Affiliation A-9 In-Training Private PTGS Group
Other None
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Xiao Shan Ming (高山明弘), or his commander name/codename Bright Sir (明 Sir), is one of the main characters of the Strategy Gun: Power Police series. He is a well-known private guru sir and captain of the famous A-9 In-Training PTGS Group.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sometimes he has a white lab coat on and a detective's clothing. He mainly selects to wear the white police officer uniform which is for madams/sirs/captains. His brown eyes are sometimes covered by his glasses.


He has a very good long-term memory. He remembers every student he taught over the past years. He mostly, in deeply remembers Shuang Wen Zu because she was his first excelled student. Jo wasn't in the PTGS group before and when she came back, Akihiro has already set up the private A-9 team and let her join. Most of the members were familiar to Jo, and some of them were new to her.

He has a funny attitude on the happy side and on the dark side, and he could not give up on the clues of solving a case as well. Elsewhere, he also stores his teaching side as a very curious man. Sometimes he is mistaken on something as he shakes his head in a very funny emotion.


Akihiro used to be an artist since their whole family were artists. He taught his second oldest daughter (Akota) how to animate and make gift cards with animations in them; taught his older daughter how to create beautiful masterpieces and mangas; and lastly, he taught his youngest daughter how to draw basic cartoons and comics with funny captions and story settings. His wife is also an artist and she sometimes make designs of book covers and weaving blankets.

To the PTGS group, he is a welcoming person and is admired by everyone mostly in the Level A section. He assigns groups perfectly in separation during a field trip to other locations such as Beijing and Hong Kong for his students. He knows which little clan would handle what and who could be the leader. His students listen very well and is uncertain to have fights. In addition, he also got the award "Guild Leadership" for being a real and honored leader.



Hase Seiji (Wife)

Akihiro first met Seiji since he was 17 years old. They met again in the same college, both taking their major course of arts and crafts. Despite that she had a boy name and due to him having the same tastes as her, they become best friends and even formed a relationship. Little did he know that applying for a police college at the same time as his original college kept as a secret to himself will lead to arguments. When Seiji found out that he was attending two colleges, she immediately felt emotionless because in her family timeline, they had always had strong distastes towards the police force. However, Akihiro cleared things up and the two of them formed a happy family of 5.

Takayama S. Akane (Eldest Daughter)

Akihiro's first daughter, Akane, was born with brilliant intellects. He knew that by looking at her, being able to read what her future could result with. When they were still a group of artists as a family, Akihiro taught Akane how to read and draw mangas, get them published, and even broadcast it into an anime. Despite only being drawing mangas and characters, Akane was more interested in beautiful scenery and landscape work, and Akihiro only had to teach her how to make a beautiful masterpiece.

Takayama S. Akota (Second Daughter)

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Akota is probably Akihiro's best daughter, or thought to be. First of all, he warned Seiji that she had to birth a boy, but again, she birthed a girl. Akihiro has never been mad before, but he does appreciate Akota and taught her many things, such as animations. He also respects Akota's best friend Shuang Wen Zu because that is one of his best students in PTGS group.

Takayama S. Aiko (Youngest Daughter)

Aiko is somewhat similar to Akota, except that she behaves more like a brat and often is rude to others. But that's when Aiko doesn't like something. Akihiro taught her easy and basic art.

Jo (Student)

Main article: Shuang Wen Zu
Takayama used to be a regular commander in corporals when DO did not start having levels of A, B, C, D, F. His first best student was Jo because she seemed to be the only girl out of the rest to have passed certain levels. But he didn't know, nor did the class, that she quit mysteriously back to college to take full courses again.
After coming back from college at the age of 28, she joined DO again only to have known several changes. Akihiro saw Jo's return but didn't fully recognize her. For several attempts, he realized that it was his long time no see the best student from years ago. He talked to the police chief about moving her to A-9 and it worked. From then on, Jo became his second best student and based on the leader position.

Code (Student)

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Akihiro was not lucky at first for not noticing a person like Code. In his training, he received high-level certificates and passed to A-8 immediately; he had skipped F, D, C, and B. After that, the police chief placed him to be the first member of the developing private group A-9. Akihiro did not understand his problem and did not trust the police chief that he already made a decision of moving a supervisor to A-9. But Code proved his abilities to the commander and got the title of the first leader in the PTGS group. It is shown that Akihiro now accepts more of him and even says that Code is his first best student.

Zhong Zhi Guo (Upperclass)

Main article: Zhong Zhi Guo
He has been friends with Guo ever since he attended the police college. While Guo's talents were better, the two never had been rivals. Right now, Guo is the police chief of DO and he had nominated Akihiro with the Honors title for the Corporal Department.

Great Sir (Commander Friend)

Main article: Lu Xing Guang
Akihiro appears to know Lu Xing Guang, the Detective D-4 Commander. It was also stated that the reason why he recommended Jo to level up to a Detective was to be in Guang's class. Since they were friends, the recommendation was easier than any other Detective classes to select her.