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Come, my children. All my unique warriors!

–Zhong Zhi Guo, to the audience in DO.

Zhong Zhi Guo
Pinyin Zhōng Zhì Guó
Character 钟智国
Epithet The Boss
The Police Chief
Biographical Info
Gender Male
Birthplace Guangdong, China
Birthdate May 21st, ----
Age 58
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Fists, Gun, Gadgets
Occupation Police Chief
Organization GZ System Defense
Affiliation GZ System Defense (DO)
Anime Debut  ??
Other NA
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Zhong Zhi Guo (钟智国), is the Police Chief of GZ System Defense Police Department Force. All the officers, commanders, and agents respect him.

Physical AppearanceEdit



He used to known a lot of the commanders in DO.




Gun - being the police chief that he is, he would always be carrying a gun no matter what. Without it, he cannot attack or defend himself. He is known to be very good at range but his speed is a bit slow.

Fists - though he can't be too strong like he was before, he still uses his fists if he does not have his gun or is trying to grab the gun after it was being thrown.

Gadgets - just like Shuang Wen Zu, he uses gadgets as well. He has different gadgets than Jo and uses them in a different way. His gadgets are similar to of Pyron Ha Leng but is used for attack.